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Gift Card: Spirit Reiki Remote Healing Session

During your first 60-minute healing session with Helen, you will have a chance to share what's going on, what you desire, and a little about your history before Helen starts the hands-on healing.

This certificate is valid within 6 months of purchase.

Gift Card: Spirit Reiki Workshop

Join Helen Knight as she helps you discover your intuitive and healing powers. Her Spirit Reiki workshops allow you to get attuned and trained to the Reiki energy.

Who benefits from Reiki?


  • Self-care: It's great for expanding self-love, to lower anxiety, stress, pain, to go to sleep and more.
  • Animals: They love the energy: it does the same for them as it does for people.
  • Everyone: Who doesn't love a warm hand on them? The young, the middle-aged and the elderly. Reiki provides this.
  • Parents or child-carers: It’s a wonderful, gentle way to help them sleep, soothe them when they are hurt, upset, sick and to give love.

This certificate is valid for Spirit Reiki Workshops 1 or 2 only. 

Gift Card: International Online Cacao Ceremony

Do you want to open your heart and fill it with more love?

Do you want to access your inner knowing?

Do you have an intention you really want to manifest?

Do you want to meet your spirit guides or power animal?

Do you want to be part of the powerful, collective, healing energy?

If you said YES to any of these questions, then come join us in sacred ceremony, where the Cacao spirit helps us tap into the expansive love in our hearts. She also facilitates our shamanic journey, leading from love. The drum takes us into a trance state, quiets the mind so we can 'hear' the subtle messages from Spirit.