Complete Gun Store POS

Bizzflo is a complete Gun Store and Retail Firearm Point of Sale system.
No more wasted labor trying to understand a bunch of different software systems just to run your shop.


With the Bizzflo Gun Store POS software you can conduct all customer transactions, inventory management, gun smithing and FFL needs through one easy to use portal. Our Gun Range POS can be used for selling serialized and non-serialized hardware including firearms, opticals, and ammo. Automate inventory reporting for sales, returns, and get notified when you manage stock levels.

Scan Barcode, Enter or Add Items

If the products you sell are barcoded then you can easily scan those at the time of receiving it into the system, and then while selling it in the POS. You could always find items by starting to type the name of the item in the POS and Bizzflo smart search will find it and add it to the ticket. You can also look up the item from an organized list of services, classes, memberships and products.


Checkout from Calendar in POS

When appointments or reservations are added to the calendar from online booking, phone-in or walk-in, payments can be taken ahead of time, in full or partial. You can use the checkout button in the appointment screen, to collect the initial or the balance payment in the POS. Additional items can also be added when in the Range POS, as needed. Membership and Package redeems are automatically recognized by the POS where applicable.


Rental Management in POS

Firearm or Accessory Rentals can be added to the Range Ticket in the calendar and checked out to the Range POS, or can be added directly in the POS. When adding rentals in the range ticket, it can be added to individual persons (even for groups shooting together), and the checkout to the POS can be done to pay individually or together for groups. POS ensures that checkout is not possible unless firearms are returned and it automatically applies all rental benefits for members. You could also configure to capture rounds of ammunition used during a session.


Enroll Customers to Classes in POS

Customers can be enrolled to classes from the calendar and checked out to the Range POS to collect payment, or you could directly enroll customers in the POS to specific classes and collect payment. Depending on the class type you will be presented with options such as sessions or family members to enroll. Any membership benefits for classes will be applied automatically in the Range POS.


Firearm Sales Verification

Bizzflo Range POS has built in validations for Firearm sales and manages state specific restrictions such as waiting periods for firearms in California and Maryland, before disposition. 4473 is typically required to be completed for sale to individuals with exceptions for FFLs, all managed in the Range POS. Other Exceptions might include Reserved for Layaway, 4473 completed outside of Bizzflo, and so on. Reasons are always captured, for all exceptions.


Complete FFL & POS Integration

The Bizzflo Range POS and the FFL Bound Book are integrated tightly and work in close conjunction. All relevant firearm transactions completed in the POS are automatically entered into the bound book, post pickup confirmation signed at the kiosk by the customer.


Work-Order and POS integration

Firearms added to the work order for repair by the gunsmith or sent externally are all processed in the Bizzflo store and range POS. The payment in the range POS triggers additional processes such as authorization or pickup confirmation from the customer.


Special Orders and Trade-ins

Create special orders in the Bizzflo Range POS for items you do not carry, or for items out of stock as desired by your customers. Track special orders all the way from PO to receiving, and inform customers when they get in. Similarly, trade-ins can be managed in the Bizzflo POS for Firearms or for other non-serialized products. The POS makes it efficient and easy by computing the sales tax on the difference between the item traded in and the new item being purchased.


Memberships & Subscriptions selling made easy

Bizzflo Range POS recognizes the type of item being sold to a customer and displays appropriate fields to capture relevant information. Subscriptions meant to be automated via monthly CC or ACH payments will not allow for other method of payments. If paying subscriptions with cash or cheque in the POS, it would not allow for automated payment setup. In such cases only an automated invoice will be setup from the POS sale. Though all of these can easily be changed at a later point in other “Manage” screens.


Automated Membership Redemptions

Bizzflo Gun Range POS automatically recognizes all membership redemptions, whether the item is being checked out from the calendar or being directly added in the POS. Complex membership redemption conditions are allowed such as for family members, additional person shooting in the same lane, rental discounts etc.


Promotions, Discounts & Exceptions

Bizzflo Range POS allows for promotions and discounts to be added in the POS for customer transactions. Promotion codes have to be valid, non-expired to be applicable. For discounts to be applied in the POS, the sales clerk is required to add a Cashier code and those codes are specific to the logged in User. Security provisions do not allow codes to be used by others. Admin overrides are always available.


Running/Open Tabs

Bizzflo POS allows for running or open tabs for customers. Use the pay later function to add items to a ticket and to put payment in abeyance. You can add the customer name in the POS to check for outstanding balances and to get back to open transactions, and add additional items or conclude the transaction.


Multiple Payment Methods & Modes

Bizzflo allows for multiple payment modes such as Full, Partial or Installments to be applied to a given transaction. These are optional and can be configured by the administrator to turn on or off to be used. Multiple payment methods can also be used, up to three, for a given transaction. A customer could use part Cash, part Check and partly on CC to pay for the same transaction.


Installments and Layaways in Bizzflo POS

Create installment plans on the fly in the Bizzflo Range POS for automated payments on a credit card or ACH debit. Plans can be designed for monthly, weekly or a custom payment plan based on specific dates. Create and manage layaways in the POS. Layaways could be traditional pay when you can till everything is paid or create an automated plan to take payments directly from a credit card or ACH debit.


Giftcard Sale & Redemption

Sell pre-created digital Giftcards or Giftcards with value determined by the customer at purchase time, in the POS. These gift cards with barcodes generated on the fly, can be purchased by customers for themselves or for friends and family members. At the conclusion of the transaction, the POS can directly email the recipient the Gift card details. Redeem the Gift Cards for items sold in the POS by scanning or entering the barcode on the Gift Card.


Advance Payment & Store Credit

Use the Bizzflo POS to take advance payment from customers for items they intend to purchase or pay for in the future. These payments can be made by customers by cash, check or credit card and stored as a liability in Bizzflo till it gets realized as revenue for a sale. POS can issue store credits to customers for returns or for other reasons such as customer satisfaction.


Managing Commissions & Tips in POS

Commissions can be setup in Bizzflo and this gets applied in the POS automatically based on a set of rules as to who should be getting the commission on the sale. This can though be overridden in the POS by selecting a different person for commission. Post transaction commissions can be adjusted or corrected as well.

Bizzflo’s Shooting Range and Gun Store Management Software automates and streamlines your business. Let us show you how much better it can be.