Conveniently manage all aspects of your Archery range from archery instruction classes to range memberships.

Does your staff spend too much time handling your archery range bookings? Do you wish you had a convenient online system that your clients could use to easily book their range times and pay at the time of booking?

Do you wish to have an automated system for enrolling clients into archery range memberships? Do you have different levels of memberships with various privileges that need tracking? Do you wish for your clients to scan their membership id as they check-in to your archery range?

Do you wish your clients could sign archery range releases and waivers and they would be automatically saved in the client file along with their demographic information and past transactions so you could get a clear picture of everything going on with each client?

Do you spend too much time collecting payments from your current clients and members? Do you wish you had a software system that automatically charged archery range memberships to their credit card or debited their account on a recurring basis?

Do you wish you had one software platform that could handle range bookings, memberships, leagues, pro-shop, inventory management, work orders, CRM, POS and a marketing system; a single integrated platform to run your archery range and pro-shop efficiently?

Do you provide archery classes and events that you would want clients to register and pay for it online? Do you have special events that you promote to your regular and prospective members?

If you answered YES to any or all of the questions above, then you would love what we have available for you.

Archery Range Management Software

Bizzflo Software platform allows you to consolidate archery range management and pro-shop functions from one central system.
We strive to make you more productive resulting in you being more profitable. With Bizzflo you will be able to:

Save a TON of time each week by automating your archery range operations, freeing you and your staff up to spend on servicing customers and growing your business.

Your technology headaches to manage your archery range operations will be dramatically reduced.

Your training center and archery range will be able to deliver a significantly better and more professional client experience, which will help ensure your clients keep coming back for more

You and your archery range staff will stay organized and on top of things. The system facilitates and automates tracking of all activities, and in the process makes everything readily accessible.

Your archery range operations will be a lot more efficient and you’ll save money and time. The system keeps track of all outstanding balances, expiring memberships, contracts, and alerts you.

The back-end of your archery range business will mostly run on auto-pilot. Reports and analytics will keep you abreast of the state of your business.

Archery Range Management Software training


Everything You Need to Manage your Archery Range & Instruction Business All in One Place. Automate & Put Your Business to Work for You


Allow for customers to easily book archery range appointments online. Provide a safe and secure way for them to pay with their memberships, packages, or credit cards.


Allow your customers to securely enroll and pay online for your Archery adult and youth classes, Archery instructor level courses, Archery camps and workshops.


Create convenience packages and offer discounts for bulk lane bookings or archery classes. The software allows for combining one or more services and classes to make up attractive offerings.


Create custom memberships that fit your archery range or club. Then enable online enrollment for memberships including add-ons for partners, lockers, or rentals.

archery pro-shop

Add all of your bows, arrows, archery gear and archery accessories to your online store. Manage inventory levels and setup alerts to reorder on demand.


Create custom gift cards for range times, accessories, or archery instruction classes. Enable customers and members to buy for themselves, friends, and family members.

Archery work orders

Easily manage new bow setup, bow tuning, sight adjustments, string installation and other bow repair services through a sophisticated work order system

archery client portal

Enable members to track their perks online through a private portal that gives them secure access to book range time, enroll in archery classes, or register for events.

Archery range marketing

Deliver important messages for archery range clients or club members. Send messages based on purchases, class attendance, membership, or time since their last visit.


Automate your archery instruction and range operations and grow your business exponentially


Your clients can schedule their own archery lane or range bookings through a convenient online scheduler which integrates with the major calendar systems such as Google calendar, ical and others. Alternatively, your staff can book individual lanes and groups in the calendar for phone-in and walk-in bookings. Following are some of the features of the scheduler:

  • Handle group bookings, recurring and multiple lane bookings.
  • Permit customers to book the archery lanes immediately, or require approval.
  • Determine how far in advance customers can make and cancel range appointments.
  • Archery range appointments are color coded to track paid, canceled, no shows and blocked times.
  • Require customers to pre-fill forms and sign waivers when booking.
  • Allow customers to schedule archery range appointments for family members & guests.
  • Offer secure online payment options for range services when booking.
  • Setup automated email and text reminders for the booking.
  • Allow and track groupon and living social bookings.
Archery Range Management Software online scheduler


You can manage any type of archery instruction classes, training courses, events, workshops, seminars, and programs of any type in the Bizzflo software platform. Following are the features of the system:

  • Define any type of archery class. A single class or event, a one day workshop, a drop-in class, a session based class, a recurring class or a course that spans a period of time.
  • Setup email and text reminders to remind the clients of the class or event.
  • Create private training events that only selected and invited members can attend.
  • Create a waiting list and even limit the number that can sign up for the waiting list.
  • Print archery class rosters, take attendance online or communicate with an entire class about schedule changes, requirements, preparation for the class.
  • Our archery range customers successfully run adult and youth classes, intro and advanced archery courses, archery instructor level courses, youth camps and more.
archery range payment-management


Create different levels of archery range memberships and allow customers to enroll online or add them in the POS at the range. Allow for different level of privileges at each membership level and collect payments automatically on a recurring basis. Following features are available for setting up archery range memberships in the system:

  • Setup different levels or types of archery range memberships.
  • Allow for one-time registration or initiation fee and a separate recurring fee schedule.
  • Setup dashboard alerts and reminders based on membership expirations.
  • Allow for automatic renewals of archery range memberships.
  • Setup items included as part of the membership privilege whether it is included at no additional charge or available at a discounted member rate.
  • Create range membership add-ons such as family member discounts and locker rentals.
  • Allow for discounted member rates for bows, arrows, repair services and accessories.
archery online scheduler


You can streamline all of your archery range business invoicing, billing and monthly recurring payments in the Bizzflo platform. Several payment reports are available to you to reconcile and make sure that your books are in order. Using the convenient billing and payment system in Bizzflo software platform you can:

  • Take online payment with credit cards at the time of range booking by clients.
  • Enable the collection of groupon, and other discount vouchers as methods of payments.
  • Send payment requests and reminders electronically to your clients. Your clients can conveniently pay their outstanding bills online with the click of a button.
  • Setup recurring or installment payments in the system and automate all payments.
  • Collect payments in the POS at the range, with several different options and combinations of payment methods available.
  • Get alerts for expired credit cards and facilitate management by exception.
  • Email the receipts directly to your clients after completing a transaction in the POS.
  • Provide discounts, promotions and exceptions as desired and track the same.
Archery Range Management Software payment-management


You can use the powerful built-in marketing tools and email platform to quickly and easily launch campaigns to prospective archery training and range clients. The software comes with lots of standard templates and layouts for landing pages and newsletters, that you can use to customize your communications. Use the Bizzflo marketing tools to:

  • Tag and segment your range and archery training clients to tailor your communication to each group.
  • Launch social media and direct email marketing campaigns to get new customers for your archery instruction and range business.
  • Build and launch creative landing pages for your archery shooting events and archery instruction courses.
  • Use the form builder to integrate with landing pages or to launch questionnaires to collect information from your archery range clients.
  • Use the autoresponder feature to automate marketing and operational communications to your prospective and current archery instruction and range clients.
  • Detailed reports and statistics for emails and newsletters delivered, opened, clicked, opt-ins and opt-outs, unsubscribes, and bounces.
Archery Range Management Software email marketing


With a comprehensive Archery Range CRM (client relationship management) software you can track and view complete client profiles with their range bookings, membership history, payments, balances, preferences and all the communications. In addition, in Bizzflo you can:

  • Create and track different range clients by segmenting them into groups with the help of customer tags.
  • Capture various forms online such as the archery experience and range safety questionnaires for customers and save it in their profile.
  • Capture intake forms, range waivers, training and other agreements and make it easily accessible in the client profile.
  • Check-in members to the archery range. The CRM tracks and delivers status, outstanding balances and other alerts to the check-in screen.
  • View range bookings, purchases and training class schedule history for each client.
Archery Range Management Software crm solutions


Included with the Bizzflo archery range software is a complete range POS system that you can use to conduct all phone-in and walk-in transactions, and collect payments. The POS can be used for selling any hardware including bows, arrows and accessories at the pro-shop and manage inventory and stock levels at the store. With the Bizzflo Range POS software you can:

  • Sell range products and accessories at the range/pro-shop.
  • Collect and mark payments of any kind – Cash, Check, Credit Card, Paypal, Gift Cards etc.
  • The POS software allows you to divide payments across multiple payment methods.
  • Use the POS for range reservations and scheduling.
  • Register clients to archery training classes or memberships.
  • Provide discounts or apply promotions.
  • Collect outstanding balances for range memberships & earlier transactions.
  • Automatically reduce inventory for online and offline POS transactions.
Archery Range Management Software POINT OF SALE


Rental management enables archery ranges to track and manage bow rentals, equipment, and arrows to both range club members and range customers. This module is a comprehensive range Ticket management system for one or more guests who register through our online portal or at the range through POS.

  • Add multiple members to a range ticket
  • Manage members and non-members in the range ticket
  • Rent out bows, arrows and Accessories
  • Manage sales of archery equipment and accessories
  • Ensure all Rentals are returned before checkout
  • Checkout multiple members in a single ticket or separately
  • Manage all rental logs
Archery Range Management Software rentals and range tickets


In a competitive business like Archery Ranges and Archery Clubs the cornerstone of successful marketing is consistent focus on the customers benefits. This means tools that learns from customer behaviors and adjust dynamically for changes in the environment.

  • Provide easy online access to everything in one click
  • Complete forms and surveys digitally and securely
  • Share upcoming events or relevant classes
  • Seamless integration with existing software
  • Sent out promotions based on past purchasing behaviors
Archery Range Management Software marketing tools


Client onboarding for a archery ragne or club can be streamlined online with Bizzflo. No matter how you acquire your new clients we can send them the messages they need to get started, stay connected, and feel appreciated.

  • Recommend new services automatically to new archery range clients
  • Sign agreements and waivers digitally and securely for range clients
  • Share upcoming archery events or relevant classes
  • Give them a archery client portal to stay connected
  • Show your appreciation with promotions automatically
Archery Range Management Software customer onboaring


Archery ranges and clubs retain a lot of sensitive information on their clients. You need this data, but you don’t need it to be vulnerable to intrusion. This is why we partner with the largest data centers companies in the USA to handle your data.

  • HTTPS (secure) Links for all services, instructions, items and product links
  • Multiple redundant incremental backups of all relevant data
  • Share upcoming events or relevant classes
  • Secure client portal for each of your archery range customers
  • PCI and SSL certification for the entire platform
rchery ranges security backup


Bizzflo’s archery range and club software provides you a dynamic form builder using which you can create all the intake forms, waivers, agreements and contracts that would be needed for you to conduct your archery range and club business.

  • Create your own custom forms for your range customers
  • Secure and Safe remote digital storage
  • Range customers can complete the paperwork at home
  • Sent relevant promos based on responses from clients
  • Integrate forms into existing landing pages
archery ranges club waivers agreements


The Bizzflo platform allows for comprehensive management of all of your archery equipment and accessories sales and tracking.

  • Vendor Tracking for manufacturers and vendors
  • Create POs and use a receiving station to receive by invoice or track P.O.’s (purchase orders)
  • Allows updating the product inventory instantly from receivers
  • Audit products easily by category or all at once
  • Variance reporting to verify on hand quantities
archery ranges product inventory management

archery range work order management

The Bizzflo platform allows for comprehensive management of all of your archery work orders for bow setups, tunings and repairs.

  • Create and manage work orders for setup, installs, tunings and repairs.
  • Add services (labor) and products to work orders and manage quantities.
  • Create purchase orders for out of stock items instantly from the Work Order screens.
  • Checkout from work order to take initial deposit, partial payments or complete order.
  • Track status of individual items, services and product updates
  • Assign the entire work order and individual items to internal staff for completion.
coach management Dynamic Response System

Your vision for your archery range
is our mission

We learn from every interaction we have with you, your peers and experts in the industry.
We apply the learnings to automate your archery range operations and help your business grow profitably.


Our objective is to be world leader in providing the best software tools to the archery instruction and Range industry for automating their business and to help them achieve exponential growth.


We never stop looking for ways to help you streamline your archery instruction business, automate your range operations and boost your productivity.


We are constantly looking for best practices adopted by leaders in the archery range industry and incorporating features in the software platform that will help your business become even more efficient and successful.


We have an incredible team with experience working with several of your peers in the archery instruction and range industry, to get you started in no time. Our service and support team is here to ensure that we address your needs in an expedited manner.

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