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Bizzflo Platform: Versatile Across All Modalities
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Do you require a Private Membership Association (PMA) Agreement for each client engagement? Need to ensure hassle-free sign-ups for your basic lifetime membership before clients book services or purchase packages?

Are you seeking an EE System software that automates appointment management and payments, both online and in person? Whether for your customers, their guests, multiple chairs or beds, or even overnight bookings, our solution has you covered.

Are you seeking a EE software platform that effortlessly creates convenient packages, offering a comprehensive range of services to your clients? Imagine tracking the usage of each item in the package and receiving alerts for both you and the customer when it's nearing completion.

Is your practice weighed down by repetitive billing and payment collection tasks? Envision a system that automates the process by seamlessly charging your clients' credit cards or debiting their accounts on a recurring basis for monthly memberships and subscriptions.

Are you hoping for your EE practice to offer each client a dedicated portal, granting them 24/7 access to review and update appointments, complete agreements, view announcements, holidays, check their payment history, and make payments seamlessly?

Are you seeking a flexible platform that seamlessly integrates with various modalities, including EE practices? Whether you're in Chiropractic, NRT, or other holistic health fields, the Bizzflo platform offers exceptional versatility.

Do you wish for a unified EE System software platform that seamlessly handles appointments, events, packages, billing, payments, client and staff management, as well as marketing automation? Experience the efficiency of an all-in-one integrated platform for your wellness practice.

If you answered YES to to any or all of the questions above, then you would love what we have available for you..


Bizzflo allows you to consolidate & manage all aspects of your Energy Enhancement System practice from one central software platform, while increasing your productivity, saving time, and making you a more successful business.
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Unlock valuable time for scaling your Energy Enhancement System (EE System) business with Bizzflo's business management software. Streamline your practice's appointments, intake process, payments, client & staff management, and marketing through our efficient solution.

Ensure lasting organization for your Energy Enhancement System (EE System) business with our all-in-one platform. Monitor, track, and automate everything your growing practice requires for sustained success."

Optimize savings with Bizzflo's software tailored for your EE System business. Let your business effortlessly track client appointments, packages, invoicing, payments, client notifications, and notes, allowing you to save both time and money."

Deliver a consistent, dynamic, and impactful experience to your clients. Enhance engagement and foster lasting relationships between your practice and clients for sustained success.

Access Analytics and Reports effortlessly for your Energy Enhancement System (EE System) using the Bizzflo software platform. Let the backend processes work seamlessly in the background, allowing you to concentrate on your clients and their well-being.

Whether your Energy Enhancement System (EE System) business is large or small, Bizzflo is your solution to streamline, operationalize, and significantly reduce technology headaches for your center."

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Everything You Need to Manage your EE SYSTEM Business All in One Place. Automate & Put Your Business to Work for You


Allow for your EE System clients to book their appointments online, and optionally pay or enroll in automatic payments. You also have the flexibility to book recurring appointments on the calendar when needed.


Allow clients to enroll additional members when booking whether family members or guests. The system will assign each one their own chair or bed as configured. Have clients sign all required agreements at the time of booking.


Create convenience packages in the bizzflo software and allow clients to purchase or upgrade online. Combine your services and programs to create attractive package offerings and alert them when close to completion.


Allow clients to enroll into PMA (Private Membership Agreement) if required, before engaging with them. Create additional membership programs, and provide exclusive member only discounts and privileges.


Use the e-commerce feature in the EE System software to add supplements and other accessories to let your clients purchase and pay. Manage inventory levels and re-order triggers for all your products.

Gift Cards

Create custom gift cards for your EE System services, programs and products to be used by your current clients for referrals. Your clients can buy cards for themselves or offer them to their colleagues, friends and family.


Automate and Streamline your EE System practice and grow your business exponentially


Empower your clients to easily schedule EE System appointments or group bookings through our online scheduler, seamlessly integrating with popular calendars like Google Calendar and iCal. Whether it's individual, group, or recurring appointments, online or offline, our scheduler offers flexibility:

  • Reserve chairs, beds and rooms for specific EE System service offerings, including overnight appointments.
  • Handle appointments at your location or your clients', including phone and online consultations.
  • Enable immediate bookings or require approval for each EE System appointment.
  • Customize notifications for your clients, track visit counts, and color-code bookings for easy management.
  • Set advance booking and cancellation windows for EE System appointments.
  • Optionally request pre-filled intake forms and signed waivers from your clients during booking.
  • Provide secure online payment options for EE System services and programs.
  • Keep your clients and practitioners on track with automated email and text reminders.
EnergyEnhancement online scheduler


Elevate your EE System experience with Bizzflo's platform designed to effortlessly enroll and track clients for all your events, classes, workshops, or programs. Seamlessly manage diverse offerings, from single events to recurring classes, with these features:

  • Define any type of EE System event or program, from single small events to larger EE events and sign up clients with option to pay.
  • Implement drip campaigns leading up to events, delivering dynamic responses or materials via email.
  • Share documents, worksheets, forms, videos, or links with your EE System clients automatically.
  • Set up email and text reminders to keep clients informed and engaged.
  • Host private training or events exclusively for selected EE System members.
  • Print rosters, take attendance online, and communicate vital information to entire classes effortlessly.
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Revolutionize your EE System financial processes with Bizzflo's platform, automating and streamlining invoicing, billing, and monthly recurring payments. Benefit from several payment reports to manage accounting. With our billing and payment system, you can:

  • Secure online payments during booking or event registration by your EE System clients.
  • Electronically send payment requests and reminders, allowing clients to pay outstanding bills with ease.
  • Automate recurring or installment payments for your EE System practice.
  • Utilize the Point of Sale (POS) for in-center payments, offering various payment methods.
  • Receive alerts for expired credit cards, ensuring smooth EE System practice management.
  • Email receipts directly to EE System clients post-transaction in the POS.
  • Implement discounts, promotions, and exceptions for your EE services, programs, and packages, tracking their redemption.
  • Establish and provide in-store credits for advance payments, applying them as needed.
  • Log and track all financial transactions executed by your EE System staff for comprehensive oversight.
EnergyEnhancement payment-management


Maximize your reach with Bizzflo's robust marketing tools and email platform designed to effortlessly launch campaigns and promotions for prospective EE System clients. Leverage standard templates for landing pages and newsletters, customizing your communications effectively. With Bizzflo's marketing tools, you can:

  • Tag and segment EE System clients and prospects for personalized communication.
  • Launch impactful social media and direct email marketing campaigns to attract new customers.
  • Create and deploy customized landing pages for staff and various EE System services and programs, optimizing wellness funnels.
  • Utilize the form builder for seamless integration with landing pages or to launch questionnaires, gathering valuable information from EE System clients and prospects.
  • Automate marketing and operational communications with the autoresponder feature for prospective and current EE System clients.
  • Track and receive detailed reports and statistics on email and newsletter performance, including deliveries, opens, clicks, opt-ins, opt-outs, unsubscribes, bounces, and undelivered emails.
EnergyEnhancement email marketing


Elevate your client relationships with Bizzflo's comprehensive EE System CRM system, providing complete client profiles encompassing enrollment history, progress, payments, balances, preferences, and all communications. Additionally, within Bizzflo's EE System CRM, you can:

  • Segment and track different EE System clients using customer tags for efficient organization.
  • Monitor and chart individual client progress through forms, certifications, and course completions within the client profile.
  • Create custom notes, keeping them private for internal use or share them with EE System clients as needed.
  • Utilize your device's camera to capture and notate pictures, whether for before-and-after shots or to tag specific areas for EE System clients.
  • Capture and store intake, consent forms, waivers, and other agreements, ensuring easy access in the client profile.
  • Enable EE System clients to access their appointments, packages, videos, instructions, payment status, and outstanding balances through the client portal.
  • Set up alerts for specific EE System client statuses or tasks, providing timely reminders for appointments or purchases.
  • Create and track tasks and activities within the EE System platform for yourself and your EE System center staff.

EnergyEnhancement crm solutions


Experience the power of Bizzflo's Dynamic Response System (DRS), designed to seamlessly enhance marketing and operational communications for your EE System practice. Automate the delivery of event or program information, daily or weekly wellness regimens, videos, and instructions on a predetermined schedule. Here are examples showcasing the versatility of DRS:

  • EE System client signs up for a 2-month health and wellness package. Automate the delivery of materials like daily or weekly videos and instructions.
  • EE System client books an appointment or signs up for an event or program. Deliver instructional or preparatory material daily or weekly (at a time interval of your choosing) leading up to the day or week of the event.
  • EE System client or prospect expresses interest on your website or landing page. Include them in a series of messages until they sign up or make a purchase, then automatically remove them from further messages.
  • Add prospective EE System clients from social media, landing pages, website, or direct email marketing campaigns into a funnel and initiate a series of automated follow-ups.

EnergyEnhancement autoresponder solutions


We learn from every interaction we have with you, your peers and experts in the industry.
We apply the learnings to automate your EE System practice and help your business grow profitably.

Discover the benefits Bizzflo brings to your EE System Business.
Start optimizing today with Bizzflo – hassle-free efficiency awaits.


Bizzflo has been helping thousands of clients transform their business. Meet few of our EE System Owners and discover how Bizzflo has impacted them.

denise gunderson

Denise Gunderson

Healing Waters Health Center

Bizzflo has significantly simplified my business management over the past seven years, including the expansion to incorporate the EE System in my practice. As someone initially unfamiliar with the intricacies of business operations, I now rely entirely on the platform. The dedicated support from the Bizzflo team, guiding me throughout the journey, has been invaluable. I appreciate the consistent assistance and reliability. Thank you to the Bizzflo team for their ongoing support and help in navigating the complexities of managing a Business.

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

Light Codes Healing Center

Angie and the Bizzflo team has been fantastic to work with! Being a PMA and EE System center owner with multiple modalities, we knew finding a complete software package that could accommodate our needs now and as we grew would be a bit of a challenge. Bizzflo has exceeded our expectations. Training was spot on, support is fast and responsive, AND they worked with us and other EE System center owners to customize the software to our wants and needs. Highly recommend Bizzflo for anyone looking to open a center or move from an existing platform.