Bizzflo’s Bound Books and e4473 software makes managing your gun store’s bound book and FFL compliance faster and easier. Fully integrated into the Bizzflo Gun store and Shooting Range Management Platform, our FFL compliance tools enable you to simplify firearm purchase (acquisition), sale (disposition), transfers, trade-ins, work-orders, special-orders, consignments, layaways and more.


Electronic 4473 Kiosk

Reduce time, errors, and frustration completing e4473 with our step-by-step guided process. Bizzflo’s electronic 4473 forms creates a faster and more accurate completion of the 4473. We have improved accuracy by providing validation for users to ensure that they are not skipping fields, missing signatures, and more. Gun stores can initiate the 4473 and have the customer complete it on a separate device through our Kiosk. This guided and validated creation of e4473 powers ATF compliant reporting for single and multiple firearm sales. This ensures that both you and your customers have an easier experience while providing more accurate information for FFL compliance.

electronic 4473 kiosk

Electronic Bound Book

Bizzflo Electronic Bound Book is compliant with ATF Ruling 2016-1 while also making firearm acquisition, disposition, transfers, and inventory management easier than ever. By allowing an unlimited number of Bound Books to be created and managed, Bizzflo’s Electronic Bound Book is a great solution for single and multi-FFL environments. Reduce bound book complications with reporting and tracking for ATF compliance with the extensive reporting ability and inventory system tied directly to your electronic bound book.

electronic bound book

Bound Book and POS Integration

All firearm transactions in Bizzflo’s Gun Store POS are automatically entered, tracked, and catalogued in your Bound Book at time of sale. Validations, including customer signature on forms, are also integrated directly into the POS for gun sales through the customer facing kiosk where they completed their e4473. This reduces errors, hours of wasted time researching errors and costly corrections on sales discrepancies.

complete pos integration

Purchase Orders and Receiving with FFL Bound Books

Purchase Orders and Receiving are directly integrated into the FFL compliant bound book software. Bizzflo makes it easier to manage the purchase and flow of firearms through the bound book, whether from a distributor or an individual, including for rent, purchase, or trade-ins.


Multiple Sale Reporting

Correctly reporting multiple sales to ATF and local law enforcement is a major compliance issue and a leading cause for censure. Working with gun stores, ranges, and dealers across the United States has helped us build a guided and automated reporting process for handguns and rifles at a state level. Correct, accurate forms are created based on the sale (same day or over 5 consecutive business days as required) and a notification is sent to you to ensure reporting is accurately delivered in a timely manner.


FFL Dashboard

A summary of all FFL related information is available in a dedicated FFL dashboard. This dashboard tracks acquisitions and dispositions, count of all firearms in each Bound Book, count of firearms in work orders, consignments, layoffs, and count of the different types and categories of firearms.


FFL Transfers

FFL Compliance and bound book integrity for acquisitions from any FFL, whether inside your network or outside, is only a few easy steps in Bizzflo’s Gun Range Management Software. This is also true for dispositions to other FFL’s. This complicated FFL compliance process is just a few mouse clicks away.


Customer Approval, FFL Tracking, and Pickup

Bizzflo uses the Kiosk to get approval from customers for all repair drop-offs, trade-ins, consignment sale and for putting item away in lay-off. You can provide your legal agreement for each of these and enable the process to capture customer’s consent. Similarly for all pickups of firearms, sale or repair, you can enable to the same consent and agreement process at the Kiosk.


Delayed Disposition (State Level)

Bizzflo tracks for certain states (California, Maryland etc) when a firearm can be disposed based on the waiting period for disposition defined for those states. The waiting period is configurable. A list of reserved items is tracked and a notification sent out to customers when it is ready to be picked up.


NFA Reservation & Sales

Using the Bizzflo POS you can track NFA items and put NFA Items in a reserved status that will prevent its disposition until an approval is received and entered in the system. It also automates the filling of the forms 2, 3 and 4.


Gunsmithing Work Orders, Special Orders, and More

Firearms make it into the bound book for repairs that are done internally (by your Gunsmith) or sent outside (for external repairs). The bound book record keeping can get complex with multiple A&D records to be kept and managed. Bizzflo platform automates this process and ensures proper records are maintained. Similarly there are specific process and steps included in the Bizzflo platform to manage special orders, consignment process and layoffs that is integrated with the Bound Book management for firearms.

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