Successful Firearm Ranges and Gun Clubs use very unique marketing strategies to grow their member base and client lists. These strategies are leveraged in the dynamic marketing tools in our Firearms Range and Gun Club software. We understand not using these powerful proven strategies can cost you time, money, and customers. That's why we have streamlined marketing and operational communications for your firearm range and gun club members while still creating a seamless flow of information for your clients and staff. With these marketing tools you can automate delivery of reminders to take advantage of membership benefits, promotional marketing material, and increase potential client signup for upcoming events or programs before deadlines. Additional purchase information, relevant programs based on previous purchases, and even training content can be scheduled for delivery to your clients. Here are more examples where the firearm range and gun club marketing tools will be useful:
  • When clients book a firearm range or gun club appointment they expect to be able to do so easily online.  This is why you can deliver marketing materials for  upcoming club events, firearms classes, or new membership programs that leads customers through an easy signup and registration process.
  • Range customers or gun club members started as prospects that needed to understand your business before joining.  Use a simple way to capture the information of those who express interest on your website or landing page with your new marketing tools. For instance, potential members can be added to a series of messages in the gun range marketing funnel that highlights all the benefits of membership through a series of messages that seamlessly transitions to welcome messages once they sign up.
  • Enable prospective clients to learn more about a new program on your website by scheduling an appointment and then before they arrive you can automate the delivery of the program information and benefits including videos and testimonials that are relevant for the membership they want to purchase.
  • Add prospective clients from Social Media, landing pages, website or direct email campaign into the club and range software so they can receive regular updates and promotions until they make a purchase.
  • Firearm range and gun club members can receive marketing material based on their previous purchasing behavior and your range can even customize the number, timeline, and frequency of appropriate communications such as instructions or additional marketing information can be delivered based on your range’s upcoming events, holidays, and community.

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