Included with the Bizzflo Gun firearm range and gun club software platform is a complete range POS system that you can use to conduct all phone-in, walk-in transactions, and collect payments. The POS can be used for selling any hardware including firearms and accessories at the range store and manage inventory and stock levels at the store. With the Bizzflo Range POS software you can:
  • Sell all range services in the POS including gun range memberships, enroll range clients to events and classes, sell packages, gift cards etc.
  • Sell range products (firearms) and accessories at the firearm range and gun club using the Bizzflo POS. Multiple POS terminals can be used at the store and sales tracked for each of those POS stations.
  • For serialized items such as firearms the Bizzflo POS allows you to select specific serial numbers (for firearms or optics) to be sold.
  • Collect and mark payments of any kind – Cash, Check, Credit Card, Paypal, Gift Cards etc. You can create additional payment methods if needed to capture external sales.
  • You can use the POS to create installment plans or recurring payments on the fly and have the system setup to automatically charge the installments when due.
  • The POS software allows you to divide payments across multiple payment methods.
  • Use the Range POS to provide discounts, exceptions or apply promotions.
  • Create pay later transactions in the POS and collect outstanding balances for range memberships & earlier transactions as needed.
  • Bizzflo automatically reduces or adjusts inventory for online and offline POS transactions.

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