Make reservations, trainings, and classes easier to book for your clients and easier to manage to manage for your staff.


Bizzflo is a Firearm Range and Gun Club software that can be integrated with your business to allow your range clients or club members to easily view your range services and immediately book reservations and private lesson appointments online, directly from your website.

Online Booking and Scheduling

Book a lane and or schedule a class online with an integrated calendar has shown to have higher rates of engagement with clients. This is why our range and club software integrates with the Bizzflo calendar.Now you can book “walk-in” and “phone-in” range clients or block off lanes for club members. The Bizzflo calendar also syncs with major calendar systems such as Google calendar, iCal and others. Allowing your range instructors and club managers to book individual and recurring appointments is a must have for modern ranges.


Individual, Group, and Recurring Book

Bizzflo’s reservation and scheduling software allows for individual, group and recurring bookings. Easily manage or reserve resources, range officers, or lanes for private reservations and training. Handle booking of multiple lanes from the back-end scheduler. Allow multiple resources to be added to a single reservation if needed. Gun rental with range reservations for both outdoor or indoor ranges. Firearm Range and Gun Club schedulers can enable reservation for phone-ins and walk-ins as well.


Improve Scheduling Efficiency and Flexibility

Firearm Range and Gun Club need to be flexible, allowing clients to confirm their reservation right away or require approval for each booking. Scheduling tools and booking software for Firearm Range and Gun Club should deliver confirmation notifications, receipts and reminders for every appointment scheduled. You can customize each service notification to provide necessary details and preparation instruction for the appointments, or you can use the dynamic auto-responder to drop a series of notifications to your gun range clients and track the number of visits.



Streamlined Online Range Reservations:

Experience the power of seamless online range reservations with Bizzflo. Our intuitive software transforms the way firearm ranges and gun clubs manage bookings. Say goodbye to the hassle of walk-ins and phone reservations – Bizzflo's integrated calendar allows your clients to effortlessly view your range services and book appointments directly from your website. This user-friendly platform not only enhances customer engagement but also ensures a modern and efficient reservation process for your business.

Precision Lane Reservations and Group Bookings:

Bizzflo takes the complexity out of lane reservations and group bookings, providing a comprehensive solution for firearm ranges and gun clubs. Whether it's an individual looking for a solo session or a group seeking a dynamic shooting experience, Bizzflo's reservation and scheduling software caters to all needs. Our back-end scheduler empowers you to manage resources, range officers, and lanes with ease. From private reservations to training sessions, Bizzflo ensures a seamless booking process for both indoor and outdoor ranges, enabling firearm ranges to optimize their operations and accommodate diverse client needs.

Elevating Range Booking Efficiency:

Maximize scheduling efficiency and flexibility with Bizzflo's firearm range and gun club software. Clients can confirm reservations instantly or seek approval for each booking, and our scheduling tools deliver confirmation notifications, receipts, and reminders for every appointment scheduled. Bizzflo's customization options allow you to tailor service notifications, providing clients with essential details and preparation instructions. With the dynamic auto-responder, a series of notifications can be effortlessly sent, allowing firearm ranges and gun clubs to stay connected with clients and track their visits. Bizzflo doesn't just streamline your booking process; it transforms it into a customer-centric experience that boosts your range's reputation and client loyalty.

Automated Processes for Reduced Check-In Times:

Bid farewell to manual range processes and welcome the era of automation with Bizzflo. Our firearm range and gun club scheduler allow you to configure reservation policies, late cancellation fees, and color-coded tracking for easy monitoring. Clients can pre-fill intake forms and sign waivers at the time of booking, reducing check-in times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. The scheduler also supports multiple payment options, providing clients with flexibility and convenience when booking online. From email and text reminders to Groupon and Livingsocial voucher integrations, Bizzflo covers all the bases, allowing firearm ranges and gun clubs to operate efficiently, reduce administrative burdens, and deliver a top-notch experience to their clientele.

Bizzflo’s Shooting Range and Gun Store Management Software automates and streamlines your business. Let us show you how much better it can be.