The Bizzflo gun firearm range and gun club software provides you a dynamic form builder using which you can create all the intake forms, waivers, agreements and contracts that would be needed for you to conduct your firearm range and gun club business. The biggest advantage of this would be to capture all documents electronically right in the customer’s profile that is readily accessible when needed. Here are some of the features of the dynamic form builder:
  • The Bizzflo gun range form builder allows you to create a form using an already provided basic form template or you can start a new one from scratch.
  • You can define right at the outset if you are building a form, agreement or a contract and categorize them as such. You could also change the form type at any time even after they have been complete.
  • You could use the form builder to create membership contracts, range rules, waivers and agreements for new customers and for current range clients to sign. These waivers can have expiration timeframe and clients would need resign or renew agreements.
  • You can also use the form builder to create forms to capture special orders from customers, forms for private lessons, and forms for events and programs for clients to fill.
  • A configuration screen allows you to define the CSS (look and feel) of the entire form including header fonts, size, colors and the background of the form itself.
  • The form builder allows you to create multiple sections with section headers, configure the section sequence and the ability to configure the look and feel of the section itself.
  • You can add various types of elements such as short texts, paragraphs, static html texts, radio buttons, check boxes and other form elements.
  • Sub elements are allowed to be created to allow clients to further elaborate their responses in radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • You can integrate the form responses with the gun firearm range and gun club CRM by using tags. Specific responses can be tagged to track customer responses and hence demographic or behavior can be used to further segment your clients.
  • The bizzflo form builder allows you to map specific fields to the Bizzflo gun firearm range and gun club CRM such that if the field is already available, it will be automatically populated in the form when the form is deployed (useful to fill the customer’s name and basic profile info when needed). In addition, the mapping allows the reverse entry of info from form into the CRM (and not just in the form data) as well.
  • One of the really interesting features of the gun firearm range and gun club form is the integration of graphical elements within a form. So you can add an image within the gun firearm range and gun club form, if you needed to.