Rental management enables gun ranges and clubs to track and manage firearm rentals, equipment, target and ammunition sales to both gun club members and range customers. This module is a comprehensive Range Ticket management system for one or more guests who register through our online portal or in the range through POS.
  • The Bizzflo range rental management module allows tracking of multiple members on a single range ticket.
  • The range rental ticket allows for tracking of multiple gun rentals, accessories such as eye and ear protection, and also purchase of ammunitions and targets for use at the range.
  • From the range rental ticket you can checkout into the POS to collect payment together for all the members (if in a group) or for each one to pay on their own.
  • The rental ticket recognizes members and non-members, and automatically applies the memberships discounts for rentals and sales.
  • The rental module has inbuilt checks and would not allow you to checkout or complete a transaction unless all the rental items are (marked as) returned.
  • The rental module keeps track and logs all rentals. You can create a rental report to assess the revenue from individual gun rentals and assess if it is time to sell it as a used gun and allow for replacement of the rental stock.