Let us help an impactful experience to your clients that ensures a deeper engagement, longer relationship, and more dynamic growth for both you and your practitioners.
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Do you & your other wellness center practitioners spend too much time handling booking clients and managing calendars? Do you wish you had a convenient online booking system that your clients could use to self-manage appointments, get timely reminders and pay at the time of booking?

Do you wish your wellness practice software automate the collection and secure storage of your client intake & consent forms, waivers and agreements, signatures, and allow capturing of progress notes, graphical notes, recommendations and make it readily accessible?

Do you wish your wellness center software could easily render your convenience packages that delivered the breadth of your health offerings to your clients, track the usage of each of the items within the wellness package and alert both you and the customer when it is near completion?

Does your practice get bogged down with repetitive billing and payment collection? Do you wish you wellness center software automatically charged your client’s credit card or debited their account on a recurring basis for their monthly memberships and subscriptions?

Do you wish your wellness practice provided each of your client a client portal, that they have access to at all times to review and update their appointments, complete intake forms and agreements, view announcements, holidays, their payment history, and make payments?

Do you wish to have a wellness practice software that tracks all of your client information including birthdays and anniversaries and automate delivery of newsletters, greetings, custom messages and promotions, helping you improve engagement?

Do you wish you had a single wellness center management software platform that could handle appointments, events & class enrollments, billing and payments, client management, staff management, and marketing automation; a completely integrated platform to run your wellness practice efficiently?

If you answered YES to to any or all of the questions above, then you would love what we have available for you..

Bizzflo Complete Health and Wellness Business Management Software

Bizzflo allows you to consolidate & manage all aspects of your Wellness Practice from one central health and wellness management software platform,
while increasing your productivity, saving time, and making you a more successful business.
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You will free up a TON of time that you can spend on growing your wellness practice when you use Bizzflo's health and wellness center management software to automate your practice's appointments, intake process, payments, client & staff management, and marketing.

Stay organized now and in the future as our wellness practice software platform monitors, tracks and automates to make everything your growing practice needs to be successful.

Save money by letting the Bizzflo wellness center software keep tracks your client appointments, event and class enrollments, invoicing, payments, client notifications, outstanding balances, and billing for you.

Provide a consistent, more dynamic, and more impactful experience to your clients, to ensure a deeper engagement and a longer relationship between your practitioners and clients.

Analytics and Reports at your fingertips for your wellness practice with all the backend processes to work in the background while you focus on your clients and their well being.

Regardless of the size of your wellness practice, your business will benefit tremendously from letting Bizzflo streamline, operationalize and dramatically reduce your center’s technology headaches.

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Wellness Center Management Software

Everything You Need to Manage your Wellness Practice All in One Place. Automate & Put Your Business to Work for You


Allow for your wellness clients to book their health consultations online, and optionally pay or enroll in automatic payments. You also have the flexibility to book recurring appointments on the calendar when needed.


Allow clients to enroll online into one of your health and wellness programs, workshops or events. Allow & track waitlist when your enrollment is full. Have clients fill out a questionnaire as part of the enrollment.


Create convenience wellness packages in the bizzflo software and allow clients to purchase or upgrade online. Combine your consultations with other services, events and programs to create attractive package offerings.


Allow clients to enroll into different membership programs and levels. Create corporate or group membership programs, create add-ons for colleagues, partners, and friends, and provide exclusive member only discounts and privileges.


Use the e-commerce feature in the wellness center management software to add supplements, tests, kits and other accessories to let your clients purchase and pay. Manage inventory levels and re-order triggers for all your products.

Gift Cards

Create custom gift cards for your services, consultations, programs and products to be used by your current clients for referrals. Your clients can buy cards for themselves or offer them to their colleagues, business partners, friends and family.


Automate and Streamline your wellness practice and grow your business exponentially


Your wellness clients can schedule their consultations or even group bookings through a convenient online scheduler which integrates with the major calendar systems such as Google calendar, iCal and others. Alternatively, you or your practitioners can book individual or recurring appointments in the calendar. Here are some of the features of the scheduler;

  • Handle individual, group and recurring wellness appointments, online or offline. Reserve resources and rooms for specific services and consultations.
  • Handle appointments at your practice location or at clients. Book phone and online consultations.
  • Permit wellness clients to book immediately or require approval for each booking.
  • Provide custom notifications or a series of notifications to your wellness clients and track the number of visits for any given service or consultation.
  • Determine how far in advance clients can make and cancel their wellness appointments.
  • All bookings are color coded to track paid, canceled, no shows and blocked times.
  • Optionally require wellness clients to pre-fill intake and consent forms and sign waivers when booking.
  • Offer secure online payment options to your clients for wellness services & programs when booking online.
  • Automated email and text reminders for your wellness center clients and practitioners.
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Wellness Events, Classes & Workshops

For all of your events, classes, workshops or programs, the Bizzflo wellness center platform will help you enroll and track your clients and attendance. You can setup a drip campaign that sends out email all the way leading upto the event. Courses that span over weeks, months or a year, special events, workshops, competitions, and programs of any type can be managed. Following are some of the features:

  • Define any type of event or program. A single class or event, a one day workshop, a drop-in class, a session based class, a recurring class, a course that spans a period of time or a program that would be delivered to your wellness clients over weeks and months.
  • Create a series of dynamic responses or program materials that gets delivered to your wellness clients based on a pre-set schedule automatically via email.
  • Event or Program material for delivery may include documents, worksheets, forms, videos or links.
  • Setup email and text reminders to remind your wellness clients of the class or event.
  • Create private training or wellness events that only selected and invited wellness members can attend.
  • Print event or class rosters, take attendance online or communicate with an entire class about schedule changes, requirements, preparation for the event or class.
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You can automate and streamline all of your wellness practice invoicing, billing and monthly recurring payments in the Bizzflo platform. Several payment reports are available to you to reconcile and make sure that your books are in order. Using the convenient billing and payment system you can:

  • Take online payment at the time of booking or event registration by your wellness practice clients.
  • Send payment requests and reminders electronically to your wellness clients. Your clients can conveniently pay their outstanding bills online with the click of a button.
  • Setup recurring or installment payments in the system and automate all payments for your wellness practice.
  • Collect payments at your center using the Point of Sale (POS), with several different options and combinations of payment methods available.
  • Get alerts for expired credit cards and facilitate management of your wellness practice by exception.
  • Email the receipts directly to your wellness clients after completing a transaction in the POS.
  • Provide discounts, promotions and exceptions for your services, programs and packages, and track their redemption.
  • Setup and provide instore credits for advance payments and use it for payment as required.
  • Log and track all activities related to financial transactions executed by your wellness administrative staff.
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You can use the powerful built-in marketing tools and email platform to quickly and easily launch campaigns and promotions to prospective wellness clients. The system comes with lots of standard templates and layouts for landing pages and newsletters, that you can use to launch campaigns and customize your communications to wellness clients and prospects. Use the Bizzflo marketing tools to:

  • Tag and segment your wellness clients and prospects to tailor your communication to each group.
  • Launch social media and direct email marketing campaigns to get new customers for your wellness practice.
  • Create & launch tailored landing pages for your staff and for different wellness services and programs. Use targeted marketing to create effective wellness funnels.
  • Use the form builder to integrate with landing pages or to launch questionnaires to collect information from your Wellness clients and prospects.
  • Use the autoresponder feature to automate marketing and operational communications to your prospective and current wellness clients.
  • The system tracks and provides detailed report and statistics of all the emails and newsletters delivered, opened, clicked, opt-ins and opt-outs, unsubscribes, bounces and undelivered ones.
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With a comprehensive Wellness Practice CRM (client relationship management) system you can track and view complete client profiles with their enrollment history, progress, payments, balances, preferences and all the communications. In addition, in Bizzflo you can:

  • Create and track different wellness clients by segmenting them into groups with the help of customer tags.
  • Track and chart the progress of each of your wellness client using forms, certifications, course completions, in the client profile.
  • Create custom notes and mark them private to be viewed only by you or wellness center staff. Share notes with your wellness clients when needed.
  • Tap into your devices camera to capture pictures and notate them as needed, for before and after pictures or to tag problem areas for your wellness clients.
  • Capture intake or consent forms, waivers, training and other agreements for your wellness practice and make it easily accessible in their client profile.
  • Using the wellness client portal your clients can access their appointments, packages, videos and instructions, payment status and outstanding balances, at all times.
  • Create alerts in the system for your wellness clients that will be available to you when they make appointments or purchases to warn you of specific status or task to be followed up.
  • Create tasks and activities and track them in the wellness center platform for yourself and your wellness center staff.

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The Bizzflo Dynamic Response System (DRS) is a powerful way to streamline marketing and operational communications for your wellness practice, creating a seamless flow of information for your wellness center clients and internally for your staff. Automate delivery of event or program information, daily or weekly wellness regimen to be followed, videos, instructions based on a pre-set schedule. Following are examples where DRS could be very useful:

  • Wellness client signs up for a 2-month private health and wellness coaching package.  Automate the delivery of the coaching materials such as daily or weekly videos and instructions.
  • Wellness client books an appointment or signs up for an event or a program. Deliver to them instructional or preparatory material on a daily, weekly (time interval of your choosing) all the way up to the day of the event.
  • Wellness Client or prospect expresses interest on your website or landing page. Add them to a series of messages till they sign up or purchase. Once signed up remove them from getting further messages.
  • Add prospective wellness clients from Social Media, landing pages, website or direct email marketing campaign into a funnel and drip a series of automated follow ups.

health and wellness crm solutions


We learn from every interaction we have with you, your peers and experts in the industry.
We apply the learnings to automate your wellness practice and help your business grow profitably.


Our objective is to be world leader in providing the best software tools to wellness practices, for automating their business and to help them achieve exponential growth.


We are constantly looking for best practices adopted by leaders in the wellness practice business and incorporating features in the software platform that will help your business become even more efficient and successful.


We never stop looking for ways to help you streamline your wellness center operations, automate your business and boost your productivity.


We have an incredible team with experience working with several of your peers in the wellness practice, to get you started in no time. Our service and support team is here to ensure that we address your needs in an expedited manner.

Find out how Bizzflo can help your Wellness Practice. Get started. No contracts. No hassle.

What some of our Wellness Practitioners are saying

Bizzflo has been helping thousands of clients transform their business. Meet few of our Wellness Practitioners and discover how Bizzflo has impacted them.

Stacey Lemire

Stacey Lemire

Higher Brain Living

Bizzflo has helped us automate our backoffice. All of our customer files, intake forms and agreements are in the Bizzflo platform making us much more efficient.

Olga Zaslavskaya

Olga Zaslavskaya

Z Colon Health

Bizzflo has made my life easier, saved me a ton of time and helped me organize my back office significantly. I am so much more efficient now.