Use the Bizzflo gym billing to automate and streamline all of your gym center’s invoicing, billing and monthly recurring payments. Send automated payment requests, credit card update requests for recurring payment management, automated invoices and receipts to your gym clients. Extensive financial reports are available to you to reconcile and make sure that your books are in order. Using the gym billing and payment system you can:
  • Use the Bizzflo gym payment management system to collect payments from your gym clients at the time of online booking, packages, memberships or product purchase, or event registration.
  • Send automated payment requests, credit card update requests and reminders electronically to your gym clients. Your gym clients can pay their outstanding bills online with the click of a button.
  • In the gym billing and payment system you can setup recurring or installment payments and automate collection of all outstanding payments from your gym clients.
  • Checkout gym clients post sale for memberships and collect payments in the Bizzflo gym software using the Point of Sale (POS), with several different options and combinations of payment setup available.
  • The gym POS in the platform allows you to update quantity, add additional services, update resources, assign commissions and allows for exceptions to be created.
  • Send automated alerts for declined recurring payments because of expired credit cards and automate the billing and payment collection process.
  • The gym billing management automatically emails the receipts to your clients after completing a transaction in the POS.
  • Create and provide discounts, promotions and exceptions for your services, programs, products and packages, and track their redemption in the gym POS and payment management system.
  • Provide instore credits in the gym software for advance payments, refunds and returns and use it for payment as required by the gym client.
  • The Bizzflo gym software logs and tracks all activities related to financial transactions executed by your gym administrative staff for audit purpose.

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