Use the Bizzflo gym software and scheduler to create events, programs and workshops and enroll and track clients and guests to those events. Setup a drip campaign using the dynamic auto responder that integrates with the events enrollment to send out email all the way leading up to the event. Following are some of the features of the gym event and program manager:
  • Create different types of events or programs using the gym event manager. A single event, a one day workshop, a drop-in class, a session based or a recurring program or a program
  • Create a series of drip messages or program materials using the dynamic response system in the gym event manager, and automate delivery to your gym clients based on a set schedule.
  • Program material for delivery to the gym clients may include documents, worksheets, forms, videos or links.
  • Use the dynamic form builder to create specific intake, consent forms or agreements and enable them for the events for clients to complete when they sign up for the events. Configure it to be done at the time of signing or send automated links in confirmation and reminder emails.
  • Use the gym event manager to setup email and text reminders to remind your clients of the class or event.
  • Use the Add-on functionality in the Bizzflo gym class/event manager to allow for additional secondary classes, events or even ancillary products to be purchased in addition to the primary event.
  • Use classes and events to be included in gym packages that clients can purchase and use.
  • Create coded private training classes or events and share it with selected gym clients through emails and newsletters to host and allow booking for private events.
  • Use the custom notification in the gym software to customize notifications for each event to provide additional instructions for event participants.
  • Create program rosters in the gym event manager, take attendance or communicate with an entire class about schedule changes or preparation for the event or class.

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