Use the Bizzflo gym software to automate and streamline all of your club/gym membership. Create different levels of club/gym memberships and allow customers to register online or add them in the POS at the club/gym. Allow for different level of privileges at each membership level and collect payments automatically on a recurring basis. Following features are available for setting up club/gym memberships in the software platform.
  • Setup different levels or types of gym/club memberships in the Bizzflo gym software with different price range and privileges (such as lockers, towels) available for each level.
  • Allow for one time registration or initiation fee and a separate recurring fee schedule for the different membership levels and allow for discounts and waivers of the same through promotions.
  • Setup dashboard alerts and reminders based on gym membership expirations. Manage by exception and chase only those that need to be.
  • Allow for automatic renewals of gym/club memberships. Sent automated renewal and payment notifications for members.
  • Setup items included as part of the gym membership privilege whether it is included at no additional charge or available at a discounted member rate.
  • Create gym/club membership add-ons such as family member discounts and locker rentals.
  • Allow for discounted member rates for club/gym products and accessories.

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