The Bizzflo Med Spa Dynamic Response System (DRS) is a powerful way to streamline marketing and operational communications for your medical spa practice, creating a seamless flow of information for your clients and staff. Automate delivery of marketing material, events or program information, daily or weekly wellness or treatment regimen to be followed by your clients, or videos and instructions delivered based on a pre-set schedule. Following are examples where the med spa DRS could be very useful:
  • When clients book a med spa appointment or sign-up for an event or a program in the medical spa scheduler, automate the delivery of instructional or preparatory material on a daily, weekly (time interval of your choosing) in the lead-up to your event.
  • Med Spa client or prospect expresses interest on your website or landing page. Add them to a series of messages in the medical spa marketing funnel, drawing them to sign-up. Once signed-up, the prospect can be tagged them as a client and removed from receiving further, non-relevant marketing messages.
  • Medical spa client signs up to learn about a new procedure on your website. Automate the delivery of the procedure information and benefits on a regular basis – e.g. daily or weekly, videos and instructions for them to purchase.
  • Add prospective clients from social media platforms, landing pages, website or direct email campaign into the medical spa software funnel and drip feed follow ups automatically.
  • The med spa dynamic responder can also be attached to any client purchasing behavior, via tagging, allowing for appropriate communication, such as instructions or additional marketing information to be delivered on a planned basis.