The Bizzflo medical spa EMR software provides you the ability to capture detailed health or medical records for your patients and store it securely in a patient/client profile. We have taken the necessary industry standard guidelines to ensure HIPPA compliance and to ensure that the data is safe and secure and accessible only to the physician’s, assistants and administrators on a need to know basis. Access and modifications to the documents are tracked and logged for audit purposes. Here are some of the features of the Bizzflo med spa EMR system:
  • With the Bizzzflo med spa EMR system you can create general notes or soap notes to capture consultation notes, prognosis, diagnosis, treatment logs, plans and recommendations.
  • Progress notes are available with the Bizzflo med spa EMR system where you can create and select from a list of values for subjective, objective, assessment and treatment plans. The EMR progressive notes allow for tracking of each visit and can copy information from the previous visit for continued and progressive treatment.
  • Graphical notes included with the med spa EMR allows you to use silhouette images or templates and even allows you to take the picture of the patient with the device camera and capture that to annotate measurements, problem or treatment areas.
  • With the Bizzflo med spa graphical notes you can use a stylus to either draw free-hand, write, or use a pointer to mark specific anatomical areas and capture detailed notes about those areas or treatments.
  • Using the dynamic form builder provided in the Bizzflo med spa EMR you can create complex notes and treatment logs to capture detailed information regarding problem areas and treatments provid

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