The Bizzflo med spa platform allows you to construct and configure a robust patient onboarding process for patients acquired online, calling in for consultations or for walk-in clients. Using the intake forms, waivers and agreements built with the dynamic form builder, you can create a workflow that combines default and specific agreements that need to be signed during onboarding by clients and staff, and provide a step by step process for everyone to follow. Here is how the onboarding process works in the Bizzflo med spa platform:
  • For online booking or when patients initiate the first contact with the med spa online, they can  fill out basic forms at the time of the online booking process (this is optional and configurable).
  • Alternatively, after the booking is complete online, the follow-up confirmation and reminder emails before the actual appointment could have links to all the intake forms and agreements that need to be complete prior to the consultation.
  • The med spa CRM ensures that duplicates are never entered in the system, so patients can be entered in the CRM only after a search is performed on the onboarding platform.
  • The onboarding screen will allow you to search for a patient and if not found, a “New Patient Registration” button will allow for the process to commence.
  • In the event that the patient is already in the system as a prospect or a current client, the system will allow them to complete basic registration. If all the requisite information is not complete, the next step in the process would be to present them with be basic intake forms, consents, waivers and agreements.
  • In the event that the patient is coming in for a specific procedure during the first visit and the appointment is already scheduled in the Bizzflo med spa CRM, then the registration process would automatically include the specific consent required for that procedure.
  • The patient onboarding screen has a dashboard that also provides a general overview of all the information such as completion of all forms and agreements, and status of any outstanding balance owed to the med spa.

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